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Tortilla violation?

Accidental Boing Boing violation?

Xeni Jardin claims in a Boingboing post that this photo was taken accidentally with an iPhone. Well, we might be able to believe that the photo itself was an accident, but — as we all know after many hours of intense, one-on-one corporate training — copyright violation is never an accident!

It takes just the smallest amount of thought gymnastics to mentally rotate the basket of foodstuffs until the unmistakable outline of Mickey Mouse’s thoroughly-copyrighted silhouette is visible. It’s a clever marketing gimmick, but though we are sure that the tortillas are delicious and healthful, they still appear to be an abomination of copyright violation!

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  1. bob
    March 19th, 2012 at 13:34 | #1

    so horrible.i cant bear it.its 3 stacks of tortillas shaped as a micky mouse head.STOP OVERREACTING!

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