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99-cent pirate violation (and contest!)

This one is disturbing on so many levels that I’ve decided to have a contest centered on it. Take a look:

Pirate Raider from the dollar store

I found this at the local less-than-a-dollar store, and it’s such a horrible violation that I think you need to see every last detail (click the picture to get a larger image). Someone clearly took an official Disney Pirates of the Caribbean toy and mutated it into this devilish monstrosity.

But it gets worse. Look at this detail:

Pirate toy photoshop tracks

You know what those funny patterns are? That’s right — Photoshop tracks! Not only did these vial ruffians tromp all over Disney’s copyright, they may have even used Adobe’s trademarked software to do it!! A double violation if I ever heard of one!

Which brings us to the contest I mentioned earlier. I think that these unnatural creations need to be removed from public view as quickly as possible before they harm unknowing innocents. Toward that goal, I ask you to visit your local 99-cent store and similar venue and look for these abominations. If you find them, buy as many as you can and mail them to me immediately (if you e-mail me at notalawyer (at) disneycopyrightviolations.com, I’ll happily send you my mailing address). I will find something appropriate to do with the beasts, and whomever sends me the most by the end of September will receive a unique, Disney-themed prize.

Thank you in advance for helping rid the world of the horror of Disney copyright violations!

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