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Flattened fairy violation?

Tink iPod cover

For those of you who have always wondered what Tinker Bell would look like after an unfortunate encounter with a steamroller, here’s your chance!

Now normally I would say that the worst thing about this horrible distortion of a beloved Disney character — and even those who think that Tink is a bit overexposed at the moment will agree that she is beloved — is that it might inspire some impressionable youngster to experiment with crushing a fairy or someone with the resemblance to a fairy, leading to life-warping trauma and buckets of unquenchable tears. But in this case, there is a fact that is even more horrible than the eye-gouging pain of Tink elongated: the fact that this particular violation of all that is holy in the Disney copyright pantheon was found being offered for sale in — wait for it… — Downtown Disney!

As Marlon Brando said, “The horror — the horror!”

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