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Mater violation?

We all know — and love! — mater, the simple tow truck from Disney/Pixar’s Cars with the funny accent and the “Git ‘er done!” attitude. That is why when one of our readers spotted this copyright-violating painting on a roll-up garage door in her neighborhood, she just had to warn us about it. “This is found on the side of a building in my city of Winder, Ga.,” she said, her words practically dripping with the despair I can only imagine she felt. Working up the strength to go on she continued, “I think it’s some kind of car shop.”

And, if that were not enough, she also wrote a long, heart-felt blog post about the horrible, horrible situation. I suggest you get a warm cup of tea and a china plate of comforting cookies before sitting in a comfy chair and reading her post in its entirety.

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