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Creepy Woody violation?

Creepy Woody

This issue — documented in great detail in a BuzzFeed post — is a difficult one for us to handle. On one hand, no Disney properties are (technically) being illegally reproduced or copied (aside from the altering, mutilating, and destroying of a doll, which may be highly immoral but isn’t — so far as we can make stick — illegal, and the publishing of photographs of a Disney property, which readers of this blog know we consider to be a horrible violation of Disney’s rights and is the reason we don’t take pictures on Disney vacations), but on the other hand, they are horrible, disgusting, perverted examples of the most audacious form of innocent-cowboy abuse possible or even imaginable.

We recommend that anyone who is a child, who is a child at heart, or who does not want what little innocence remains in them to be ripped out like so many fuzzy chicks from a wolf’s pantry not follow the link we posted above. It has already permanently scarred our psyches, and we must warn you that even glancing at these images can ruin your enjoyment of the Toy Story(TM) films as thoroughly as a volcano can ruin an ice cream sundae.

Please, can’t someone send us a Disney copyright violation that won’t damage us for life? Please??

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