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Seussper Violation?

Marvel Seuss

When we saw this image online, we couldn’t help but wonder what the artist thought s/he was getting away with.

Disney owns the rights to Marvel characters and their images, and these pieces of artwork clearly infringe on the intellectual property of the “Marvel Babies” line of toys, books, and organic educational manipulatives. It’s even possible — though we can think of no way to verify it — that the works of Dr. Seuss (if that’s even his real name) have some sort of copyright or trademark protection, but who knows?

By the way, why is the artist picking on Marvel characters and not on characters from rival company D.C.? Is it because they know that Marvel is an awesome juggernaut at the box office? Or that Marvel characters are so globally recognizable? Or perhaps it’s that they have a not-so-secret pro-D.C. bias or are on D.C.’s payroll? Or that the pictures of Superman and Batman aren’t there because we cropped them out to make our point? Again, who can say?

All we know is that Disney is again being slandered. Pardon while we shed yet another tear.

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