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Tea with violations?

An eagle-eyed reader of this blog passed this along to us:

Tea with Belle

They found it on this website.

To be perfectly clear, we have no problem with small repertory companies licensing Disney productions for local performance (as we assume they did in this case). In fact, we applaud their working with Disney’s licensing department so that The Mouse has more money to build Pixar-based attractions and film old radio shows.

So what do we have a problem with? Where is the violation? Just look at the ad!!! They are offering not just the properly licensed play, but also a meet-and-greet with Beast and Bell! It even goes so far as to say “Bring your camera and pose on stage with the characters” as if the actual characters will be there — like they are at Disneyland — and not just actors pretending to be the characters! (Also, we are pretty sure that Disney has copyrighted the phrase “on stage,” but we have to research that further.)

Not bad enough? Well how about THIS! They are using actual Disney artwork in their advertisement! Does their licensing of the play allow them to use this artwork? Does it? Well, maybe it does, but even so, they shouldn’t because it creates confusion in the mind of children, adults, and bloggers!

“Maybe this group is perfectly innocent,” you say. “Maybe they intend no harm.” Well, think about this: their URL is www.kidsintheact.org, which clearly reads, “Kid Sin: The Act.” How vile is that?

To sum up: There’s no problem with licensing Disney plays. There’s a big problem with pretending they have real Disney characters in them. If these folks want to have a “Beer with ‘Belle'” event, making clear that guests will be meeting a fake Belle at some local tavern (that’s not named Gaston’s) — fine.

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