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Demon-posessed Disneyland violation?

September 22nd, 2011 2 comments

An August 2011 episode of the animated television show Ugly Americans titled “Wail Street” included the following images:

Ugly Americans, Wail Street

This is obviously, definitely an attempt to depict Disneyland as a place to which demons go on vacation, and certainly it must have been created without Disney review and permission! How do we know this? Because of all the errors — things that certainly wouldn’t get past Disney’s crack legal review team!

For example (just to name a few):

  • Mickey Mouse in the first picture is definitely off model. He looks like some kind of bizarre teleportation-device-failure mixture of our beloved Mickey and Richard Nixon.
  • Doombuggies without rear shells? Please!
  • The Mad Tea Party color scheme, seating arrangements, landscaping, and (judging from the arc of the spew) spin pattern are entirely wrong.

They may disdain valid copyrights, but have they also no respect for the truth? Particularly since this is a show targeted at children (it is a cartoon after all), that is just inexcusable!