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Van Gogh violation?

August 5th, 2011 7 comments

Van Gogh with hat

We found this painting on a web site and were very disappointed — has the internet still not learned that you just can’t mess with copyright law? Apparently not!

This derivative work steps on the intellectual property of two parties — Vincent Van Gogh and The Walt Disney Company. The re-use of Van Gogh’s work isn’t problematic — he’s old, dead, and not a Disney character, and his work has been neither licensed nor purchased by Disney — but the misuse of  congenitally disfigured iconic Mickey Mouse hat certainly is.

We need to nip this type of massively disallowable artistic mashup in the bud. If we don’t, what will come next? Starry Night over Sleeping Beauty Castle? Endless funky-looking Walt Disney self portraits? The horror!

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